Genzyme Center Headquarters

Genzyme Center was an international collaboration between Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner (Design Architect), and Next Phase Studios (Executive Architect). Scott Payette led the executive architect and consultant team from the end of Design Development through Construction Administration.

This environmentally progressive and spacious headquarters for the Genzyme Corporation is one of the country’s most advanced office buildings. It uses 34% less water and 42% less electricity than a comparable office building. It employs sophisticated active daylight enhancement systems, fine particulate filtration, natural ventilation, and interior gardens to maximize occupant comfort and create a productive work environment. The result is greater productivity, lower absenteeism, and increased worker retention rates.

Genzyme Building has been awarded a LEED Platinum rating by the U.S. Green Building Council and the RIBA Gold Metal for Design.

Genzyme-06 Genzyme CenterGenzyme-Office-1024x803 Genzyme CenterGenzyme-09 Genzyme CenterAtrium-chandelier-1-1024x835 Genzyme Center040122-Atrium-Rendering-LR-1024x810 Genzyme CenterGarden-Team-Area-1024x776 Genzyme Center
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