ERUFulhX0AAJ4tL-375x500 Blue Hens E-Sports Arena

University of Delaware:
NEW Blue Hen eSports Arena

– 1800 square feet
– 33 High-Performance HP Omen PCs
– Top-of-the-Line Competition Chairs
– Strategy Room (for team meetings, video review and training workshops)
– Shoutcast Broadcasting Booth
– Competition Stage

Angled and edgy, the University of Delaware Blue Hen Esports Arena makes itself known immediately upon entry to the Perkins Student Center. With a back-lit ‘Esports Arena’ sign above the broadcasting booth and an on-air light, the esports events are made known to all occupants.

We are even able to get a peek of history pulling you into the space with Super Mario blocks sliding into the hallway underneath the storefront setting up the Nintendo Switch play area, what we called the “Mario Altar”, where life-size Mario pipes serve as the space’s HVAC return ducts!

“The school says the ‘competitive program and dedicated faculty’ will build school pride but also equip students with valuable, practical skills applicable in a range of careers including software design, event planning, business development and marketing and communications.”

“Gaming requires critical and creative thinking, teamwork and problem-solving, leadership, strategic planning and analytical processing,” said Steve Kramarck, associate director of Student Life at University of Delaware.

University of Delaware Blue Hens Esports Website

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