People’s Retail brings the Retail to the People!

The retail industry is currently at odds with the evolution of society’s economic preferences – retail is in a mid-life crisis.  There are decade-long brands closing stores all over the country, and the biggest contributing factor is the growth of e-commerce, people are able to simply click to pay and have their order arrive days, even hours later, leaving more time for social interaction instead of weekend to-do lists.  Malls were once a perfect fusion of social interaction and commerce, but with social interaction being essentially continuous through technology/social media, malls are no longer the meeting place to ‘hang-out’ or even to browse/window-shop.

Local retail stores can still exist, and they should!  By introducing mobility into the equation, the retail store is not confined to the single store location within a mall, or along a busy street, and can in fact help to facilitate expansion into new markets/customer bases.  People’s Retail has the ability to hydraulically raise/lower the trailer bed in under a minute, making set-up/break-down time virtually non-existent.

By being truly mobile with almost no set-up time, People’s Retail Mobile Retail Pods create the ability for store owners to begin to self-analyze their company/ products/ consumers with quantifiable data, with the ability to isolate economic/environmental aspects to produce the optimal location. A retail owner can test multiple locations at different times of day, on different days of the week, throughout different times of year to figure out where they should set up shop at what times, on what days, at what times of year.  Operating on a “standard model + flex options” People’s Retail allows each business to not only choose their primary exterior highlight color, but also the addition of display windows, display benches, counter storage, etc.

The approach to the form of the Pod begins to allude to the idea/suggestion of aggregation of multiple Pods to either expand a single shop’s floor space, or for multiple vendors coming together to create a living, breathing mobile pop-up mall that grows/shrinks throughout the day, on different days of the week, at different times of the year.  With the People’s Retail – mobile tiny retail pods concept, there is no limit to what your small business can achieve.

interiorr-scaled People's Retail - mobile tiny retail pods
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